What is the Cool Start© System?

An improved system of turbine engine aircraft starting that works off your existing 2 – 24 volt batteries.

How is the Cool Start© System an improvement?

The Cool Start© System features faster, cooler and softer starts resulting in lower thermal stress on the hot section, lower mechanical stress on the accessory gears and the Starter/Generator and lower electrical stress on the battery, the Start Relay and the S/G.

How much of an improvement does the Cool Start© System produce?

We have observed as much as a 50% reduction in start time and as much as an 180° C reduction in peak gas temperatures.

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 What are the tangible benefits to me as an aircraft owner?

  • Reduced operating costs – ultimately result in lower engine maintenance costs. One customer has experienced savings amounting to tens of thousands of dollars over a period of 6 years and four hot section inspections on two engines.
  • Starting with weak batteries – We have solid evidence of normal starts with batteries too weak to start at all without the Cool Start©System.
  • Improved cold weather starting – The Cool Start© System has demonstrated that starts at significantly colder temperatures are possible.

The data is clear — The Cool Start© System will start your turbine engine faster and at lower temperatures every time saving you money!

Faster, Cooler, Softer Starts mean:

  • Lower thermal stress on hot section!
  • Prolonged starter life!
  • Lower mechanical stress on the accessory gears
  • Lower electrical stress on the battery, start relay & the S/G

Additional Benefits

  • Easy to Install
  • Lower Maintenance Cost
  • STC Approved for all Turbine Powered AG Aircrafts
STC #SA02985CH

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