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High quality means low maintenance. Our production is geared solely to high quality, versatile, low maintenance bi-fold doors. TCL’s rectangular aluminum construction assures strength without unnecessary weight, no painting and no rust!

Custom Sizes Provide Versatility

TCL Door Division specializes in custom designed, bi-fold, canopy doors. We take pride in engineering the most versatile door you can purchase. Our custom sizes (up to 120 feet wide) allow you to order a door to fit an existing opening without additional alterations. Windows and access doors can be part of your door specifications. Let us help you with design ideas for aircraft, agricultural, industrial or marine uses that will make each dollar spent a wise investment in efficiency.

Aluminium Construction Assures STRENGTH With out Added Weight

Our production is geared solely to high quality, versatile, low maintenance, bi-fold doors. TCL’s rectangular aluminum construction assures strength without unnecessary weight, no painting and no rust!

  • Your maintenance department will appreciate its rugged construction and dependability.
  • Direct drive worm gear engineering means there are no chains to fail. The motor and gear box is an integral unit designed for safety and reliability.
  • The wind load rating to comply with local IBC requirements and our cables give a 5:1 ratio safety factor.
  • TCL engineers our doors to meet or exceed the national Electrical Code #513.
  • All controls are pre-wired and factory tested to insure your satisfaction and ease of operation.

Service is part of our product!

  • TCL does more than produce a superior product. In three hours your workers install the door, which then can be sheathed with vertical sheeting to match or harmonize with the rest of the building.
  • This sheeting allows water to run off when the door is in open-canopy position.
  • Our bi-fold doors can be insulated and weather stripped both top and bottom, for added heat efficiency.
  • We are always available should a question arise after installation.

Satisfied customers are our best salesmen and our number one goal!

Additional Information

Door Operation Specifications

Power Operator

All electrical controls are designed to meet NEC 513. Standard voltage is 220V single phase with any voltage or phasing available. The gear motor is equipped with an electrical brake so as to guarantee to stop and hold the door in any position of travel. A magnetic starter with low 24 volt control unit for added safety, along with a manually held control and heavy duty limit switch, is standard. All controls are pre-wired and factory tested.

Gear Box

Direct drive worm gear – no chains to fail, motor and gear box is an integral unit, to improve safety and dependability.

Drive Shaft

Mounted on the bottom cord of the door and runs continuously along the entire width of the floor. The drive shaft is attached to the door frame with two ball bearing mounts wherever there is a cable-drum. The cable-drums are an integral part of the drive shaft, giving an even lift of the door at all time.

Exciting New Upgrades Available

Variable Speed Control

  • Only available at Turbine Conversions, Ltd.
  • The newest & greatest innovation in bi-fold doors.
  • True power and superior systems give you the quietest, smoothest and fastest opening door on the market.
  • From Ground level to 31′ high in only 35 seconds!

TCL is excited to offer several upgrade options that are now available to enhance your bi fold door.

  • Superior Patent Pending Auto Locking System
  • Remote Control
  • Photo Eyes
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